Check Out/In Policy

Check Out Policy:

Upon arrival at the GVUTV location you will be asked to complete and sign a Rental Agreement and Release of Liability. This agreement outlines the terms and charges related to the rental. The agreement requires the renter to take full liability and responsibility for the rental and operation of the rented equipment and accessories. The renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GVUTV LLC, its owners and employees from any harm or accident caused by the rental of the equipment.

The Renter and Riders will need to review 3 training videos giving instructions on safety and general vehicle operation (review online for faster check out). After completing the paperwork, being fitted for helmets and paying for the rentals the renter and a GVUTV representative will together do a checkout on the equipment. During this process the renter will be shown how to operate the machine and all questions will be answered. Additionally, a walk around will be performed and any existing damage will be noted. Typically, a digital video or photos will be taken of the machine and be kept with the Rental Agreement. The renter will then be allowed to take the equipment.

Check In Policy:

Upon returning the equipment, a GVUTV representative will inspect the rented equipment and accessories for damage and cleanliness. If everything appears in order, the damage deposit will be returned. If night drop is used the representative will make this assessment the following business day.

If damages are incurred the representative will contact the renter through email or phone to relay the assessed damages and costs. If there is damage, the representative will determine the cost of damage and collect the amount from the renter. If the renter is unable or unwilling to pay for damage at the time the equipment is returned, the renter agrees to pay all collection and attorney costs incurred by GVUTV LLC in collecting the damages.